I'll Start Here

The first post on a blog has to be the most difficult thing to write, doesn't it? It's proving to be. There is so much I want to say, but if I just spill it all out it will be a complete mess. I keep jumping around trying to figure out what to say first, as if what I say first is any more important that what I say second. The funny thing is that the longer we read someone's writing, the better it gets, so that thinking really negates the need for the first thing to be any good at all. I'm overthinking this, aren't I?

So I'll start here, because the most important part is just starting. This post is my line in the sand. Putting this thing out into the world makes it more real, and it can now begin to involve other people. I said to myself that I would launch this thing in January, and I am. Here's proof.

Where did Spaceshop come from? What does it mean? What is it going to do? Who is it for? Why does it exist? What problems is it going to solve? Why should we care?

All of these questions and more will be (attempted to be) answered in coming posts right here on this site. There is a lot of explaining and conversing to be done, and writing clarifies my thinking. The process forces me to turn my feelings and loose thoughts into something more specific and concrete. It's an organizer of sorts.

So to begin in the most basic way, Spaceshop is the next big thing from me, Evan Troxel. I've been working on this for a couple of years in the background while I completed up some other long-standing unfinished business. Now that that's all done, I'm starting Spaceshop. I know it's a bit cryptic. It's more fun this way; revealing bits of information piecemeal. 

For now, sign up to be on my mailing list and be the first to know. I want this to be worth your time, and I hope you'll follow along on this new journey. It's going to be fun.

Let's make.